Official Section Short Films


MOHAMED LE PRÉNOM, by Zairi Malika, France 2016. 14′ SpaSub

  • Mohamed is the most popular name in the world. However, it is a name that has never been easy to use in the West. Mohamed, a ten-year-old tells us why he does not like his name, through lively anecdotes.



ENTRE DEUX EAUX, by Patrice Cordonnier, France 2016. 28′ SpaSub

  • A French single woman lands in the countryside of Marrakech to purchase a luxurious villa but when she visits it she is disappointed. Then she accepts the suggestion of a Moroccan taxi driver to play real estate agents.



CAVALLS MORTS, by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas, Spain 2015. 8′

  • In an isolated rural place threaten by war, a child is forced to flee. On the way, corpses of horses everywhere. Only dead horses. Why? Why did the horses decide to kill each other?



PO COVIKA, by Kristina Kumric, Croatia 2016. 20′ SpaSub

  • A village in the outback of Dalmatia during the war. 10-year-old Mia and 12-year-old Lorena are having a big day. Their father, Mirko, is going to be released from the camp where he spent the last three months as a prisoner of war.



BELLE VIE, by Jung Won-hee and Sofia Alaoui, South Korea-France 2016. 26′ SpaSub

  • Sun-haw is a Chinese-Korean woman who works illegally in a hostel in the Chinese neighborhood of Paris. Sun-haw has everything planned: by leaving with her sister’s passport, she will be able move to another place. But nothing goes as she planned.




BEHIND THE WALL, by Karima Zoubir, Qatar 2016. 18′ SpaSub

  • A five year-old girl lives in the slums of Casablanca, surrounded by a wall that isolates it from the rest of the city. One day, she notices an unusual activity around the wall. Municipality workers are painting it.



BABA USTA: WHERE WE ALL END UP, by Abdurrahman Bastug and Ozgun Kabakcioglu, Turkey 2016. 22′ SpaSub

  • Baba Usta is a graveyard worker. When his office is threatened, he has to face both the municipality and a mysterious rival with powerful connections.




A CASA MIA, by Mario Pireddas, Italy 2016. 19′ SpaSub

  • LLeft alone as only inhabitants of a deserted fishermen village, two elderly, Lucia and Peppino, live in the hope that winter will never end.



CAROLS, by Thanos Psichogios, Greece 2016. 16′ SpaSub

  • It’s Christmas Eve in Athens. 12-year-old Andreas goes from house to house singing carols. He wants to help his family but he can’t imagine how far his unemployed father will go to do the same thing.



BOLINGO, EL BOSQUE DEL AMOR, by Alejando G. Salgado, Spain 2016. 55′ 

  • It tells how some sub-Saharan African women leave home in search of the European dream, embarking on a journey that implies motherhood, in a way they could never have expected.





ANATOMIA DE LA MIRADA, by Juan Falque, Spain 2016. 10′

  • I stare at a photograph: it touches me, it moves me and it opens a question into my mind once and again, demanding an answer.



WAITING FOR, by Mateo Pianezzi, Italy 2016. 15′ SpaSub

  • Three women face each other during a journey towards a misterious destination. A journey of hope for the future and to rebuild their past. It’s a journey made of expectations and acceptance, love and fight.



A JOURNEY IN SERACH OF ABUL ARABI, by Akram El Bezawy, Egypt 2016. 12′ SpaSub

  • Abu El Araby is a mythical character engraved in the Egyptian culture known for his glorious achievement and super powers. We have embarked on this journey in search for answers about his existence.



LOS HOMBRES DE VERDAD NO LLORAN, by Lucas Castán, Spain 2017. 19′ 

  • A father, a son and ice hockey as a passion, but a hard reality to face.



ANCORA, by Lu Pulici, Italy 2016. 15′ SpaSub

  • A young girl confronts the journey to get back with the man she loves. Their love story wasn’t easy, but they want to try it again. Two different worlds give life to a passionate and tormenting love.