Meeting of Mediterranean Music

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Palau de la Musica will host 3 concerts with a selection of groups that make modern music from Mediterranean roots. We will enjoy sounds form the Balcans, Maghreb… and inspired form valencian folk songs. Sunday, in la Nau’s cloister, it will be the turn of choir voices and band music.



Tuesday October 11 | 20 h

nomo-omranNOMA OMRAN

Accompanied by Efren López (ud), Miriam Encinas (bendir, riq, davul viella), Rafa Ramos (bass). She is a Syrian singer and composer, specialised in ancient eastern Maqam, both Syrian and Arameic. She is member of the Sociedad de Autores, Compositores y Editores de Música. She composed the soundtrack for the film “Silvered Water, Autoretrato Sirio” by Ossama Mohammed: official Selection in Cannes 2014 and awarded Best Documentary BFI London Film Festival 2014. In 2009. she was the first female singer to revive the sacred Zen ritual at Daitokuji temple in Kyoto with Stomu Yamashta. In 2008 she played the queen of Zenobia in the opera by Tomaso Albinoni in the event “Damascus arabian cultural capital”. In 2005 she composed and played under Ariene Mnouchikine direction for the Theatr du Soleil. In 2000 she played Violeta from La Traviata by Verdi at the National Theate of Brno, Czech Republic.


monsieur-doumaniIt was formed in 2011 at Nicosia by Antonis Antoninou (tzouras), Angelos Ionas (guitar) and Demetris Yiasemides (wind). It is focused on Cypriot traditional songs. They also compose their own songs in Cypriot language inspired by the present modern Cypriot society. Monsieur Doumani has centered in enhancing traditional songs with new arrangements, melodies, rhythms amd sounds to elaborate he own unique style. In 2015 Monsieur Domani launched his seconf album, “Sikoses”, nominated to the prestigious “Preis der DeustchenSchallplattenkritik 2015” and won a nomitation in Songlines Music Awards 2016 in two categories. “Best Group” and “Europe”. The album is primarily composed by their own composition, inspired in tradition, but reflecting present Cypriot society. Sikoses was awarded  the “Top of the World” by Songlines  magazine 108 and received excelent critiques by the international media. Sikoses was also number 1 in June 2015 in Network World Musico No.1, November 2015 edition, Transglobal World Music Chart.

Wednesday October 12 | 20 h



In 1998 Albert refistered his first album (“Des D’aquí”) as co-head with the Catalonian Bass player David Mengual. This album was voted best Spanish jazz album of the year by the Spanish jazz critics (cuadernos de Jazz). A year later, Albert received the SGAE award for an outstanding jazz artist and another one by Turia magazine.
In 2004 the IVN of Valencia asked him a new album, and to compose all new material, then edited “El Fabulador” by Albert Sanz y los Once Dedos. This Album was voted as one of the best Spanish jazz albums of the deace by the Spanish critics (Cuadernos de jazz).
He combined teaching with concerts and launcghed a new live album (“Metamorfosis”) with his, at that moment, trio (masa Kamaguchi and RJ Miller) for the Fresh Sound Records seal. He also colaborated in bands and recordings of the Flamenco big band with Perico Sambeat, the trio and quintet of Jorge Rossy (here as a hammond organist), Jordi Matas and Carme Canela (also as an organist), and the famous Silvia Perez Cruz and Javier Colina trio project which originated the album “En La Imaginacion”, to name only some of the most well-known bands he has being into.
As producer and arranger recorded the disc “El Cofrecito” by Mamen García, in which musicians like Jorge Rossy, Javier Colina o Antonio Serrano take part too.

Mediterraníes Project: “The Mediterranean sea as a suymbol of light, diversity, history, fusion of cultures. This new projects, at last, is centered in the city I was born, Valencia, a Mediterranean city, and a place from which I can go deep into my roots, but not only my closest surroundings, but Algeciras, Crete, Naples, north of Morocoo, or even Jerusalem also. My compositions will set sail looking for smells and emotions of places both real and fantastic. I will like to include in the repertoir some themes of people like Carlos Denia or Kristos Leontis, and even a pasodoble. All of that filtered by the jazz esence of our trio of piano jazz.”


agraf-bandA band from the RIF that was a surprise with their album “Yessis n Arrif” and that has a great success with their song Abridh (Road). They have participated for the first time in the Bachawiya festival. Its leader is Naser Eddine and it is formed by young musicians from Alhucemas, the oldest one is 25 years old and the youngest one is only 15. At Alhucemas there is no music school so AGRAF combines music school with band, it is an open group and lots of young musician join for awhile. That is why they are called AGRAF, the outing of the bees, because when they pass through
the kabila other bees join them. Although the veterans have previous experience, Agraf started in 2009. They mix elaborated lyrics with present day messages. They sing to the mother, the motherland, nature, the Riff’s Amazigh issue… They are close to bands as Annual and Taghrast from Holland. They first album was called “Yessis n arrif” (Riff’s Daughters). The amazig have recognized women rights for centuries. Meanwhile Arabs killed their daughters, the Bereber had a queen, Dihya, in Egypt. The bees of AGRAF have a queen, but no king.

Thursday October 13 | 20 h


besarabiaIt is a trio that plays Balkan and Klezmer music to paint a sound landscape where live different cultures and traditions. A handful of Bulgarian and Macedonian dances, Greek and Turkish compositions sailing to the Maghreb. Their music describes the meeting and blending of all peoples that through the centuries have travelled west to east and east to west, Nalkans, Jews, Gypsies, Arabs, Turks, Romanians… and their customs and musics with them.  It is made up by:  Heidi Erbrich, who studied baroque violin  at the Royal Academy of Music of London and the Conservatory Sweelink in Amsterdam. She is co-director of the Florilegum Musicum orchestra from Netherlands and founder of the chamber music group In Stil Moderno with Richard Egarr. Jaume Pallardó, who started musical studies in the “Centre Instructio d’Art u Cultura” of Vall d’Uixó with the clarinet. Eva Mª Domingo, actress and musician, who studied dram and traditional music, and when she founded her own theatre and music group Rodamons-Trencaclosques began to get interested on Medieval and Renaissance music, redording some albums and performing in many churches around Spain.


aziza_brahim-copiaShe is a Sharan artist who lives in Catalonia. She grew up in the Saharan refugee camps of Algeria where her family have lived since 1975, after running away from the Morocan ocupation of Western Sahara. In the harsh conditions of the desert camps, Aziza discovered the music as a way to express her emotions and thoughts of resistence. At 11 years old she travelled to Cuba to study. After her graduation she was denied a muscal grant. Disapointed by not disheartened she came back to Algeria to begin her own musical path joining the Saharan National Group of Music. In the year 2000 she sttle in Spain, where, after some intercultural colaborations, founded her own band, Gulili Mankoo. In 2014 their third album, Soutak, recorded live in Barcelona, and where they mixed Sharan and Malian music was edited by the prestigious seal Glitterbeat.


Sunday October 16 | 12 h


concert-refugiats2-copiaEl Cor de la Eliana was born in 1989 thanks to Juli Hurtado. By the year 2000 they created the Choir School to teach the children. In 2004, the Choir recorded the album “Felices fiestas con canciones de Nadal”. They have received the awards from Casal Jaume I and Centro de Estudios Locales de la Eliana for their career in defense of the language, tolerance, culture and freedom. Their repertoir is quite extensive, the own produced thematic concerts stand out, as: Concert Medieval, Concert Valencià, Nit de Boleros, Cantant per tu, ballant amb tu, Concert Intercultural, De los amores por Dulcinea, Suite de Nadal, Nosaltres els Valencians, Caminen sense apaers, Poesia cantada de la Generació del 27, Concert per la República, La Nova Cançó en versió coral, Recordant a Vicent Andrés Estellés. These days Nelo Juste is the director, teacher of educational music, with a degree in Music and Musical Sciences and an extensive choir world experience.


foto-buena-de-las-womans-copiaDirector: Rafael VizcaÍno. Musical Band form the Agrupación Musical Gayano Luch from Valencia, composed entirely of women. They started in Setember 2009 when a group of women challenged Don Rafael, the director, to form a new all-female band. In 2001 they performed in the best concert hall of Valencia, el Palau de la Música, in a charitable concert for la Casa de la Misericodia. After that they were invited to perform in el Espai la Rambleta, on Working Women Day. During this time Gayano Women’s Band has been growing, the 21 musician with which it started has been almost doubled. Women from diffent generations enjoy a common effort and make their dreams true thanks to the music.